To maintain the latest version, please use the updater included with the software.

Version – Mar 2022

  • New feature – license management (online / offline activation),
  • New feature – can download latest Manufacturer ID table from options
  • Fixes to installer
  • Minor fixes

Version – Apr 2021

  • New feature – Echo inputs to outputs, see details in manual
  • New feature – VLAN tag can be removed from DCP Browser messages
  • Added new MAU types
  • Fixed submodule memory crash
  • Manual and installer update about Npcap (not supported yet) / Wireshark
  • Updated license manager

Version – Oct 2019

  • Fixed Input Data Element object record
  • Fixed Column Display (Browser)
  • Fixed max I/O submodule issue (1440 bytes is again supported)
  • Fixed fragmented record data issue if > 1400 bytes
  • Fixed adapter issue if >= 10 adapters in system

Version – May 2019

  • New PN Stack Update
  • Added Reset to Factory mode details to manual
  • Fixed AR breakdown after moderate TCP netload
  • Fixed output randomizer (support all bytes)
  • Fixed PDev Record
  • Fixed MRP Check

Version – Mar 2019

New Features:

  • ModDiffBlock detection: If a Moddiffblock is detected on device startup it will be shown in the alarms window. (This typically means a configuration issue/mismatch but could also mean the device is locked by another process or there is a diagnostic pending) see the troubleshooting section in manual for more details
  • Support of all reset to factory modes (0,1,2,3,4,8 & 9), in addition to original factory reset (mode 0)
  • TIA V15.1 now supports auto-configuration of devices (if supported), see the device auto-configuration section for details
  • PROFINET Stack update
  • Updated record decoding and added new records: (MRP, MauType, Media, etc)

Bug Fixes:

  • DCP error fixes and more name checks
  • Fixed column display issue
  • Fixed DCP browser to allow independent save of NIC info
  • Fixed records offset (padding) issue

Version 5.1 – Dec 2018

If  you are a user of the tool or are considering a purchase of the PRO version, there are some new PRO features and requirements that  you should take into account.

First of all, V15.1 of TIA Portal engineering is now required for device configuration with PROFINET Commander.  A separate license for TIA portal is not required for the PROFINET Commander PRO version (I/O Controller).

New Features:

  • Updated PROFINET stack – The PROFINET stack has been updated to meet the latest PROFINET specifications and the PRO version tool will operate as a standard Conformance Class B I/O controller to multiple devices or controllers setup as an I-device(s).
  • Multi-threaded functions added – In the past, some operations (for example the DCP browser functions) in the tool could affect the real time performance; this has been minimized through multi-threading most of the functions wherever possible.
  • Adjustable IO display timer (default 32 ms / up to 1 s) – One of the best new features is the I/O display / update timer, which allows the user to send the data down to 32 ms, which previously was locked at 512 ms. The I/O display timer can be adjusted from 32 ms up to 1 second. Be sure to check the manual on proper usage of this option. It should be equal or greater than your minimum I/O device time(s).
  • GSD directory search for 32/64 bit – It is now possible to find the GSD files on multiple OS’s whether 32 or 64 bit.
  • New automatic output settings added (Decrement, Bitwalk, Randomize, All On/Off) – More nice features which allow the user a variety of ways to set the output values automatically. Decrement the value or count down from the max; bit walk through each bit individually; randomize the data; or turn all the data points on or off simultaneously.

Version – Mar 2018

  • Updated License manager (improve reliability for hw detect)
  • Updated error handling for bad configurations

Version – Oct 2017

  • Some error handling routines updated for UTF8 and exceptions due to missing files

Version – Jun 2017

  • Can now set DCP Name to null (empty string), for developer testing

Version – Feb 2017

  • Double-click to clear alarm screen
  • Minor text and installer / license update
  • Added DCP identify by specific name or alias name