PROFINET Commander runs as a PROFINET I/O controller (conformance class B, real time – RT) on a PC with an easy to use graphical user interface. With PROFINET Commander, users can test and build a PROFINET network and quickly connect I/O Devices without PLC programming.


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  • Configuration information
  • I/O data
  • Parameters
  • Diagnostics and alarms
  • Read inputs from the devices
  • Change the output data on the I/O devices
  • Browse the network
  • Set names and IP addresses
  • Flash LEDs and reset to factory settings

Users gain the ability to test and set up a PROFINET IO Device, test wiring (I/O Checking) and/or systems from their PC before putting into production. For developers of PROFINET I/O devices, the added benefit of using the tool is simple testing of their product for correct operation and diagnostic functionality prior to PROFINET certification testing and final product release.

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Latest Release: PROFINET Commander V5.1.0.9 [Aug 2023]

  • PN stack update (better performance for XML parsing, communication)
  • Npcap update to 1.76 OEM (better performance)
  • Adjustable row height for device panel in options, column width still WIP and disabled
  • Can set for decimal input for R/W records dialog
  • New Mod Diff Block decrypt to alarms window
  • Fixed network adapters to allow only valid cards and provide status / refresh option
  • Fixed echo input/output
  • Fixed XML lockups
  • For auto update functions (bitwalk, increment, decrement, randomize) if the data is > 8 bytes, all bytes will be affected simultaneously
  • Fixed diagnostic window if multiple issues are present
  • Various other fixes